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 animaux(chevres/moutons d ornement***

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MessageSujet: animaux(chevres/moutons d ornement***   Jeu 24 Avr - 17:49

bonjour a tous, eleveur ,
(chevres/moutons/poneys/anes d ornement)
ventes // echanges
site perso http://animaux66.over-blog.com
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MessageSujet: Re: animaux(chevres/moutons d ornement***   Sam 26 Avr - 16:25

moi je vais bientot chercher du cochon laineux... ou tous animaux marrants et poilus (ane du poitou, chevre, mouton... du moment que c'est plein de poils et un peu original...) pouvant vivre dans un climat humide mais tempéré (Basse Normandie). Merci
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MessageSujet: painted desert sheep   Mer 30 Avr - 18:14

chevre peint de desert
painted desert sheep

General Information
The Painted Desert Sheep is a spotted hair sheep. Only spotted sheep are eligible for registration. Photographs are required for registration, and markings (white or light spots on a dark body, or dark spots on white or light body) must be clearly visible in the photos. Also, sheep are inspected via the photos for evidence of wool breeding. Spotting has occurred in Barbados sheep and its crosses with Mouflon (also Corsican, Black Hawaiian, and Texas Dall). Some breeders have used Rambouillet, Merino, and four-horned breeds to improve the horn. However, it then takes several generations of backcrossing to hair sheep to retrieve the wool-shedding trait.

Membership with the Painted Desert Sheep Society runs from Jan. 1 to Jan. 1 of the following year. Renewals need to be made as soon as possible after the first of the year. Family memberships are $25.00. You must be a current member in order to register sheep. The quarterly newsletter will be published in Rare Breeds Journal. Supplemental info from the society will be mailed out from time to time.


If you are unsure about the color of a sheep, the registrar will choose the closest accurate color determined from the photos accompanying the application. Please refer to the CHARACTERISTICS AND COLORS page by clicking on the link.


Registration is based on two factors (via photograph inspection): color and coat. Painted Desert Sheep may NOT have more than 1/8 wool breeding. This is obivously an honor system. Please do not misrepresent your sheep on the application and, thus, to buyers. Sheep may be registered at any age. If you register a lamb and wish to update the certificate later with photos showing the animal after it matures, you may do so. However, a new certificate will have to be issued, so another registration fee will be required.


Familly Membership $25.00
Registration $6.00
Replace or Update Certificate $6.00
Transfer of Ownership $3.00

*You must be a member to register sheep*


At this time, the registry is fairly flexible. You may go ahead and register your young lambs so that they will carry your flock name. When sold, fill out the transfer form and give this to the buyer along with the certificate. The certificate must always be mailed flat, NOT FOLDED, because of the identifying photos on the back of the certificate.

Deaths of Registered Sheep

If a sheep expires, the registration certificate may be returned to the office. The registrar will make the proper notations in the records and on the certificate, and it will be returned to the owner.

Flock Records

Please keep accurate and up to date flock records. Record dates of births (whether multiple), deaths, sales, illnesses, treatments, vaccinations, dewormings, etc.. These records help you decide which sheep you need to keep and which sheep you can part with.

Please don't have a bunch of rams running with your ewes....even young rams. Ram lambs have been known to impregnate ewes at a very early age. Keep records of what ewes are running with a particular ram. If you don't know what ram sired that pretty lamb, if defeats the whole purpose of the registry and your breeding program. We want to know which sheep are producing color.

Keep records on all your sheep, not just those that are registered. We are establishing our gene pool, and even those solid-colored ewes and rams are important. They could be color producers. However, if they aren't producing color, don't lessen your chances of producing color by keeping them in your flock. They might cross better with someone else's bloodline.


Photographs (two of each side-a total of four) will be required for registration to 1.) show that the sheep qualifies for registration and 2.) to clearly identify the sheep as the one described on the certificate. One set of photographs will be attached to the certificate by the registrar, and the other set will be kept in the office records. These photos kept on file become the property of the Painted Desert Sheep Society. From time to time, these file photos may be used in publicity (with owner photo credits) for the registry. For mature rams, it helps if at least one photo shows the shape of the horns from the front. Ideally, photos should be taken after shedding or before a thick winter coat is put on.

You don't need to be an expert in photography, but please try to get clear, unobstructed pictures of the sheep. Even if your sheep is not tame enough to catch, halter, and pose for the photos, you should be able to move it around a pen or other enclosure until the desired picture can be taken. Photos taken at extreme angels may be returned if the markings cannot be clearly seen. Please don't have the sheep in a dark stall or in the glare of midday sun. Watch out for the shadow of a tree or building casting a dark area and obscuring markings. This is especially important if the sheep has minimal markings. The photos are of extreme importance as the certificate should stay in good condition for the lifetime of the sheep. The certificate is not replaced as the sheep changes ownership, unless the new owner pays for a new certificate. The registrar makes note of transfers on the certificate. The photos should be taken with care since they will be permanently affixed to the registration certificate.

Please don't take a photo of a group of sheep and expect the registrar to pick out the one you're registering. Please don't use a photo of a sheep running off. Please do not staple or paper clip photos to the application. If you are sending in more than one application at a time, please label the backs of the photos with non-smearing ball point pen. OR, put each application with its four photos in individual legal envelopes, and then put those envelopes in a larger brown envelope. Don't forget to include the appropriate fees made out to the registrar (check or money order-no cash). Remember that each sheep you register should have your flock name as a prefix to its name. HAVE FUN !!

e-mail: cascabel@consolidated.net

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MessageSujet: Re: animaux(chevres/moutons d ornement***   

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animaux(chevres/moutons d ornement***
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